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  • Master of Business Administration, University of Cumbria, UK
  • Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach, The John Maxwell Team, US
  • Certified Behavioural Analysis (DISC) Trainer + Consultant, The John Maxwell Team with PeopleKeys, US
  • Certificate in Leaders of Learning, Harvard University, US
  • Certificate in Organizational Analysis, Stanford University, US
  • Certificate in Unethical Decision Making in Corporations, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Certificate in Introduction in Psychology, Yale University, US
  • Certificate in Deep Learning through Transformative Pedagogy, The University of Queensland, Australia
  • Certificate in Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge, The University of Edinburg, UK
  • Certificate in University Teaching, The University of Hong Kong, China
  • Certificate in Foundations of Virtual Instruction, University of California Irvine, US

About Joel

Joël is an international corporate trainer, lecturer, executive coach, mentor, and public speaker based in Switzerland.

Work Experience

Joel has 33 years of corporate working experience in a diverse range of industries (banking, aviation, IT, insurances, and education). Before starting the Swiss Leaders Group, a worldwide leadership/communication and sales development group for corporations worldwide, his last corporate tenure was as a Sales Director and Member of the Executive Board of an insurance in Switzerland. One of his specialities is to lead innovative, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, mixed skills teams, in virtual environments.
With the goal to not only build his own business and career but also invest his time on a pro-bono basis in the development of others, he was appointed as National Transformation Coordinator of Equip Leadership and support several non-profit organisations in Switzerland, UK, and Malaysia.
Married for 22 years, Joel is passionate about Malaysian culture, the country of origin of his wife, as well as keen on experiencing many more cultures around the world.
His achievements include building a global network of corporate trainers/coaches in 15 countries on 5 continents and co-leading a bid with a value of over 200M USD for one of the largest companies in the world.
An executive Coach, with senior manager/directors from global companies, he is also a university guest lecturer, as well as a trainer and public speaker around the world.

Training Experience and Clientele

He has trained hundreds of representatives from large organisations such as:

Sarawak Convention Bureau, Kuching, MalaysiaA bank in Switzerland
Several large IT companies in Europe
A team in a pharmaceutical multinational
Largest insurance in Switzerland
Women leadership and entrepreneurship organisations
Several international non-profits
A major coaching organisation for companies
Students at a university in London
Students and alumni at a university in Switzerland


Joel speaks fluently and teaches/coaches in:

  • French (mother tongue)
  • English (work and family language for over 20 years)
  • German (including Swiss-German)

Benefits of hiring Joel

Among his listener, courses participants and coachees, Joel is known for his applicable and job-related content that is delivered in a vibrant, fun and interactive way. His teaching is practical and simple, yet able to yield lasting changes with the participants in their professional and personal life.
He can use a rare mixture of inspiration based on his record of accomplishment of leadership in several different contexts, proven theoretical soft skills concepts as well as thought-provoking personalised discussions leading to last changes and improvement with the participants.
When he is not speaking and training, Joel is mentoring and coaching business leaders worldwide and put a priority on his personal grown, getting coached and mentored on a continual basis by world-class leaders.


  • The Never Normal Team
  • Instant attraction and trust with VIPs
  • Networking to build influence
  • Influence and leadership
  • Building trust with all stakeholders
  • The Inclusive Team
  • Alignment of your passion, personality, and competence
  • Executive Coaching

Example of speaking


“Joel’s mentorship and coaching has been second to none. With guidance and support from Joel, I was able to start believing in myself and my abilities and this helped me to take on challenges I had been scared of taking. In a safe and professional environment, Joel was able to guide me to ‘Think out of the box’ and to look at the bigger picture. Thanks to Joel, I have developed the confidence to take my businesses to another level. I recommend him highly for mentoring and coaching and for developing skills to be an effective leader.”
Nya Mabu-Ngwashi, Owner/Director/Consultant-Connect Care Consultancy LTD & AKN Care & Support Services LTD, UK

“The coaching of Joel has enabled me to bring clarity, truth and perception to the forefront of my own circumstances that I am facing. In so doing these sessions brings home the conviction and clear meaning for the way forward.”  
P.D. Barnes, Director in the Financial Sector in Switzerland and the UK.  

“The way that Mr Vuadens-Chan talks about leadership is incredibly inspiring, as he speaks so passionately about leadership, and he also shows through discussion that he is curious about so many areas that are still not addressed in the literature. Mr Vuadens-Chan has been able to transfer his passion about leadership inspiring the students. […] Mr Vuadens-Chan showed such enthusiasm and passion discussing leadership that it truly inspired the students. This is very valuable to the students as Mr Vuadens-Chan was able to provide inspiration for the students to learn about leadership and bring a very valuable insight of leadership in the business environment.”
Dr. Yalda (Vicky) Haji-Ghassemi, Regent’s University London where is running a yearly leadership simulation and lecturing

“The overall evaluations that we got for this session were outstanding and my personal opinion was that he did a fantastic job. […] His down to earth style and extensive knowledge about the subject caused students to engage their mind on a totally different level.”
Franziska Klauser, Swiss Business School where he was several times a guest speaker

“Joel is a very talented man in communication and leadership skills.”  
Jenny -Pico, director of a training program where he was a lecturer (Switzerland)

“A first-class leader […] with a genuine interest in people.” 
Kelvin Noble, colleague at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (UK)

“Joel functions best as part of a team and has continually demonstrated his ability to bring together disparate skill profiles to form cohesive teams. He has a very strong leadership style which focuses on collaboration and is particularly good at identifying common goals that everyone will strive to achieve.” 
Mick O’Donnell, colleague at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (UK)

“Joel Vuadens-Chan demonstrates strong leadership, […] – his energy and drive is contagious! […]. Joel demonstrates strong leadership by getting results and demonstrating critical thinking skills. Joel’s multi-language skills further enable his ability to work excel in international business opportunities and environments.”
Mark McCloy, manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services (US)

“Through this innovative approach, Joel was able to lead his team in an efficient way thanks to his personalised approach taking in account the particularity of each person and enabled us to optimise our strengths while identifying our weaknesses and increase our respective competencies. He succeeded in bringing a more agreeable work climate as well as increasing our performance”. 
Antony Tièche, Sales Manager reporting to Joel (CH)

“Joel is able to share his personal experience and connect with the audience.”
Geoffrey Lee, participant to a course and workshop at Sarawak Convention Bureau (Malaysia)

“I thought the training with Joel was very enriching and interesting. His method of teaching was very easy to understand, especially with the game element that really brought interactive opportunities between team members and for us to explore some issue such as integrity, communication and credibility and also was it takes to be a good leader.” 

Jamie Wang, participant to a course and workshop at Sarawak Convention Bureau (Malaysia)

“Joel was an amazing instructor/trainer. I found him very easy going”
Jonathan Soon, participant to a course and workshop at Sarawak Convention Bureau (Malaysia)

Interview and feedback of Amelia Roziman, COO of Sarawak Convention Bureau (Malaysia)

Testimony of Paul Martinelli, President of The John Maxwell Team

Resources of Joel

Blog articles: Joël Vuadens-Chan (

Articles for Brainz Magazine: Executive Contributor Joel Vuadens-Chan | Executive Coach, Social Entrepreneur (

Watch some examples of teachings from Joel and his team on our resource page.

Social enterprises

Joël’s discovery during his MBA study was social enterprises. Not only did he use this topic for this Master Dissertation (Thesis) on the topic “Success Factors of Social Enterprises in Switzerland” but also created Swiss Leaders Group as a social enterprise.

To read the document, please follow this link: “Factors_of_success_for_social_enterprises_in_Switzerland”


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