Rachelle Daigle

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Rachelle is an agent of transformation with a heart for serving the business community. She can be described as:

  • Leadership expert, having been certified by the John Maxwell Team, teaching leadership through the filter of the unlimited human potential of each participant to help them be better as individuals and more powerful as contributing team members.
  • Calling herself a “courage coach”, she has over 1000 coaching hours to her credit.
  • She works at various levels of corporations, from frontline staff, managers, directors, V.P.s and Presidents. This multi-level approach provides values and actions congruence as the team moves towards a common vision.
  • Her career includes 25+ years in corporate sales, working both B2C and B2B in fields as diverse as pharmaceutical, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate, advertising and training. Her clients included: manufacturing, distribution, education, government, IT, healthcare, etc.
  • She is a lifelong learner with a B. Sc. and certifications in Project Management, Adult Education, IT, Leadership and coaching.
  • She serves on the President’s Advisory Council of the John Maxwell Team, co-leading a global francophone project.
  • She is fluent in English and French living in eastern Canada near Montreal. She loves the live connection of in-person training programs, and technology allows her to connect virtually globally.

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