Wendy Marman

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About Wendy

Who am I?

Turn on your light and SHINE! You will impact more lives than your own.
There is no greater joy for me than seeing someone break free, grow and become all they were designed to be … to break free from limiting ideas, beliefs and habits. Grow to new levels of thinking, action and results! That is my passion and purpose.
Want to grow your business? – Grow you! Want to influence a new level of client or leader? – Grow to be that person required to achieve it. Want your team to perform at a new level? Empower them to grow! Want to move to new heights? – Grow your vision and your ability to cast a vision.
I’ve always been adventurous and seek to live life to the full. After my initial study, including 2 degrees and postgraduate courses, over 20 years ago, I looked in the mirror and said yes to myself. Yes, I would commit to lifelong learning. Yes, I would pursue my personal growth to create a better future for my family and me. I took growth to another level 5 years ago and have been helping others create their future ever since!

What do I offer?

I offer a unique blend of business, systems, scientific, philosophical, human behavioural, leadership and sales training. My 35-year career combining international speaking, teaching, mentoring, problem-solving, change leadership and strategic planning across 4 continents and a multiplicity of cultures allows me to recognise, analyse and draw together diverse and disparate elements to create new thinking and growth for my clients.
I have worked with government, large multinationals, small-medium businesses, educational institutions and Not For Profit organizations in various positions delivering transformational training, coaching and mentoring grounded in experience, not just theory.  As co-founder and co-director of Seaphoenix Pty Ltd, I have developed and delivered face-to-face and virtual courses, which have seen businesses add significant growth to their bottom line and individuals overcome personal barriers to achieve advancement and relationship enrichment. My clients continually speak of the clarity, direction and transformation experience. My commitment to integrity, excellence and a can-do attitude means ‘Where there is a strong WHY there is always a WAY.’

Business & Work Experience

Countries Wendy has taught in:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Bolivia

Training & qualifications

  • BSc (1978) – University of Sydney
  • Certificate in Intercultural Studies (1989)
  • BTH Hons. (1990) – ACT
  • Post Grad Cert in Pastoral Counselling (1994)
  • Family Ministries (1995)
  • Certified John Maxwell Trainer and Speaker (2013)
  • Certified Personality Insights Inc Consultant (2015)

Previous business roles

  • Business Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Problem-Solving
  • Customer Relations
  • Event Management
  • Change Leadership

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