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Using some of the world-class teaching method and best practices, Swiss Leadership Group supports companies and organisation to implement global leadership solutions in the areas of leadership, communication, sales, client interaction, public speaking, coaching and strategy, as well as training your manager on leadership, public speaking, coaching and sales and adopt a style that is conducive to openness, fun and especially applicable results in the lives of the participants.

Serving corporations on 4 continents

Founded by Joël Vuadens-Chan in 2017 to bring together his business development experience with Fortune 500s and his passion for leadership transformation and communication efficiency,
Swiss Leaders Group now has partners in 5 countries on 4 continents as well as a highly experienced faculty member and is therefore able to deliver global world-class solutions on a local basis to fit your organisation adapting it to the culture of each place.

Global faculty

Our faculty members have decades of both training and practical experience in entrepreneurship, leadership and sales as well as a commitment to volunteer in leadership and coach with several non-profit organisations, as it is important for our group to give back to society. We are therefore keen on youth initiatives and leadership transformation of the society-at-large.

Most of our trainers are Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coaches with the John Maxwell Team and keep training with John Maxwell and his faculty on an on-going basis as well as sharing their experience with the worldwide John Maxwell Team.

Why can you expect from Swiss Leaders Group?

  • A very experienced Teaching Team trained and supported by the world expert in leadership and public speaking
  • A group passionate about leadership and the personal development of people within your organisation
  • A group committed to make a difference in the society-at-large in each of the location where it is present
  • Trainers are also certified coaches and speakers
  • We will tailor the transformational leadership experience for your organisation to meet your organisation’s culture and goals
  • We will coordinate the implementation of the designed experience through your locations worldwide
  • Swiss quality

The whole team of Swiss Leaders Group is looking forward to supporting you in your leadership journey.

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