Advanced Leadership


In order to raise the level of your leadership effectiveness through an increased understanding of leadership principles, you will experience greater self-leadership skills and influence with others.

We will provide a 16-hour immersive workshop based on John C. Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, that will teach you the practical tools needed to address the leadership challenges encountered daily within your profession.

During this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Learn and grow from the shared experiences of others in a challenging, but safe
  • environment
  • Assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop and practice the behaviours required to effectively lead yourself and others
  • Identify ways to incorporate and apply the laws in your life and business each day
  • Begin the process of creating a leadership legacy by developing others into great leaders
  • Experience each of The 21 Laws of Leadership through relevant case studies, fun
  • activities, fierce competition, and ongoing development of a personal plan of action

This 16-hour fun, interactive and highly reflective workshop uses useful exercises, tools and techniques to show you how to be a complete leader, knowing your own strengths and weakness and how to partner with others as a team to optimally lead.

It covers:

  • I’m a Guide
  • I’m a Partner
  • I’m a Results Champion
  • I’m a Leader Maker

At the conclusion of the training you will:

  • understand the 4 leadership disciplines and behaviours,
  • have assessed your leadership strengths and weaknesses,
  • discuss them within your team and discover how to interact in the most optimal way
  • developed and practised the behaviours required to effectively lead yourself and others,
  • and have identified ways to incorporate and apply the laws in your daily life.

This course is made of 8 modules that will take a 2-hour life to live remote discussion per module, followed by an assignment. A forum will be open during of the course for the students to exchange among themselves, with a limited interaction with the lecturer.

The course will be completed after an exam, in the form of an online quiz.


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