What an MBA has taught me

I thought that practical experience is more valuable than studies. I still believe that. However, at about 45 years old, I reached a plateau in my career. Dealing increasingly with financial, marketing, risk, and legal specialist, I wanted to have a better understanding of all these areas. At the same time, my thought led me to think what if I could a Director or General Manager. What about being even a CEO, leading a company, even my own. I took one of the best decisions in my life and joined an MBA program. This what it has taught me.

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Making the other person win, will make you win

How can you make the other person win?
This is the question that I often ask during Executive Coaching sessions whenever a conflictual situation is being discussed.
Usually, the answer goes, “But I don’t want them to win; I want to win!”.
That’s called a zero-sum win; for one person to win, the other must lose.
In a world where mobbing, abuses, and prejudice seem to be the norm, it is not only idealistic to let other people win, but it makes complete sense in terms of business values.
Are you ready to see long-term collaborations and have the satisfaction of building trusting and mutually beneficial relationships by letting the other person win?

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5 steps to increase the innovation in your company

Would you like to see your teams being 25% more engaged, 47% more creative, 41% more loyal (feel that they belong), 43% more likely to stay. Learn how to implement a diversity & inclusion approach in your team?
The goal of diversity & inclusion should not be just about KPIs or hitting the correct balance of diverse profiles in your boards. We have seen that this does not create diversity, even less inclusion and even less innovation. Therefore, it should be about creating a company culture conducive to authentic, open and critical dialogue, starting at the board level and impacting the entire company.

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Strategic performance for your Executive Team

Now is the time to create great synergy in your Executive Team!
Take advantage of this opportunity and make it an unforgettable experience by participating in a leadership table.
A able to delivery the following results:
– Co-construction of short-term solutions exchanged between participants,
– Alignment of the management team on practical solutions,
– Discovering the emerging potential of each team member,
– Revitalising the management team in a playful way.
Align yourself with your goals, share your personal vision and project yourself into the strategy!

Be a better leader: be a fountain, not a drain

Do you leave your team members feeling drained, or do you infuse them with new life and leave them feeling refreshed?
When you consider a leader as either a drain or a fountain, you notice clear differences.
As with famous fountains, when you choose to be a ‘fountain’ leader, people will be attracted to you for the beauty, refreshing and enjoyment you add to their lives. They will reciprocate by giving their best. A win for them, a win for you, and a win for the organization.

How you can lead with empathy during a crisis

People have reacted differently to the new stressful situations; some coping better than others. This has meant a greater need for empathy on the part of leaders, to help those they lead cope better.
There are some practical steps you can take to learn to lead with empathy. These include learning to listen, making yourself vulnerable, and genuinely caring for others.
You may not be able to do a whole lot about a crisis, but whatever you can do will go a long way in showing empathy.

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The cheapest and most powerful way to motivate your team

What does really motivate?
Not only, it works for everybody in every culture, but it also provides an ROI that is surprisingly high… and it costs nothing.
So, what works?
Not only does it work for everybody in every culture, but it also provides a surprisingly high ROI.
Would you like to know what provides:
– 8% increase in revenue
– 26 times more engagement
– 3% higher retention
and costs nearly nothing?
I am almost going to disappoint you, as it is so simple.
Sometimes, indeed, the solution is more straightforward than we think.


A 6 step team investment strategy for long-term profitability

Most companies have a quote such as “People are our most appreciable assets”. This sounds great, but it is really so in practice?
f money can work for you, do you have people working for you?
Are you doing it everything by yourself, or do you have people adding value to your goals?
Here is how you can get a team and/or network of people work for you to maximise your success?
What if you would have world-class leaders, not only empowered to make their own decisions, bringing their passion, ideas and innovation, but also able to raise leaders that are the same?
Wow, that would be a dream!
Actually, this can be a reality in your organisation.

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5 benefits of investing in your people

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2019, the President of Costa Rica, shared that his country has “managed to protect its environment while also investing in its people”.
When I think about the challenges that we all face, countries and companies alike, I am not sure the environmental issues, as important as they are, make it to our top 3 list. when investing in people, your organisation will be able to experience more productivity by reducing conflict, generating more engagement, creating more imitative and innovation as well as attracting top talents.

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