Making the other person win, will make you win

How can you make the other person win?
This is the question that I often ask during Executive Coaching sessions whenever a conflictual situation is being discussed.
Usually, the answer goes, “But I don’t want them to win; I want to win!”.
That’s called a zero-sum win; for one person to win, the other must lose.
In a world where mobbing, abuses, and prejudice seem to be the norm, it is not only idealistic to let other people win, but it makes complete sense in terms of business values.
Are you ready to see long-term collaborations and have the satisfaction of building trusting and mutually beneficial relationships by letting the other person win?

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Everybody communicates, few connect

John C. Maxwell, a famous leadership expert, outlines the secret to success in his book, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”: What the Most Effective People Do Differently. I have learned and am still learning to apply the principles and practices in this workbook.
These key practices and principles will help you become an effective leader by helping you connect with people in different situations. Once you master the art of communication, you will be able to build a brand by using social media platforms, networking, and business-building skills.

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