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5 people you need on your team to climb a high mountain

Next to Geneva in Switzerland, there are two mountains, the Salève and the Mont-Blanc.
The Salève is a cosy mountain. You can drive to the top of it by car. This is a usual walk for locals. As it is so close to the city that it almost gives the impression that you can touch it.However, it might be relatively boring; after a while it is not a challenge anymore.
On the other hand, the Mont-Blanc is further away, scary and pretty much impossible to climb without extensive training and the help of a guide. But just imagine the view up there. There are reasons why it is called “the roof of Europe”, as it is the highest mountain of the “old continent”.
Which mountain are you considering climbing? This is an important question for your life, as what you will able to achieve depends on the mountain you are considering climbing, and of course, I don’t mean a mountain literally, I mean the goals of your life.

Do you think your employees are lying to you? You may be right!

Sometimes you may have the impression that your employees and team members are not giving their best, that they are hiding facts and even lying to you. You are right! Research shows that 85% of people don’t like their job and 75% are lying and cutting corners. Why?
Consequently, they “play safe” and do the minimum, avoiding any risks and only sharing information they consider safe to share, hence lying or withholding important information. The solution is, therefore, that the leader creates the right environment and supports the team to bring their best. But how do I do that?
Discover keys to building a open and honest dialogue with your team.

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