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Featuring the CEOs/General Managers of the following companies:

A partnership between Talentec Coaching and Swiss Leaders Group, represented by their respective CEOs Hassania El Youssfi and Joël Vuadens-Chan

Strategic performance for your Executive Team

The nature of the inter-professional relationship has changed, personal life collides with professional life, and the health crisis has imposed other orientations by shifting priorities in the organisation’s vision.
With our workshop, you can evolve leadership awareness within the management team, introducing the inexhaustible principles of leadership that will bring positive change through communication and connection!
See more details on: Strategic performance for your Executive Team

Never Normal

We live in an era of successive crises. Every day we are confronted with a never-normal situation when nothing is safer, and many questions arise. We are all seeking inspiration and expertise on how our organisations can become better, more agile and more resilient. How can we challenge and learn from this era we call “The Never Normal”? How can we support our teams, mobilise them, and enable them to navigate an uncertain environment while accelerating innovation and creating new concepts?

Inclusive leadership

Inclusion exists of commitment, courage, recognition of biases, curiosity and collaboration. These traits are more than being “nice” to people or even being aware of unconscious prejudices. Inclusive leadership is a broader, more intentional, and laborious process. In short, the inclusion of diversity means adaptation. Leaders need to change their behaviours and the surrounding workplace to meet the needs of diverse talents, ideas, customers and markets.  We are convinced that inclusion well lived has many results on creativity, innovation and risk reduction.

Interview on best practices

Our interviews will highlight these practices to benefit from them and inspire as many leaders as possible.
The ultimate goal of our role as facilitators is to allow leaders to express themselves about the experience and reality facing the current crisis, namely the challenges that are challenged in response to the needs of the individual, the team and the organisation.

Interview format

Interviews will be conducted by the CEOs of (Talentec Coaching and Swiss Leaders Group) in a partnership project.
The goal is to gather the experiences of corporate CEOs on a global scale.

Format: in a one-on-one interview via video conferencing
Duration: 15 to 20 minutes
Procedure: questions will be communicated in advance, and video conference recordings will be made available on a specific YouTube channel and intended exclusively for other CEOs; the two partners will distribute the summaries on their reciprocal media (such as web, social media and newsletters,), as well as at the level of the press and academic discussions. They will also be made available to participating companies for distribution, subject to the mention of the name of the project (CEO Talk by Talentec Coaching and Swiss Leaders Group).

Watch the interviews

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Results and information

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