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Want to know the secret to getting anything you want in your professional and personal life? Communication. Communication is the key that unlocks the door to effectively influencing others. Whether you are leading a team of people in your company, running a business, negotiating a contract, or seeking buy-in from others, if you know how to communicate, you will be much more successful than those who do not. We can help you master the art of communication so you can connect and engage with others at every level.

Some of our workshops

Anyone can speak!

Whether making a 15-minute presentation or an hour-long keynote, your ability to connect and communicate will be essential to get the audience to take action and move forward effectively. This presentation will discuss the critical keys to success in influencing and impacting people.

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Perfecting Your Presentation Workshop

This one-day program is designed to help participants learn to be confident and comfortable standing up and speaking in front of their peers, co-workers, managers and leaders.

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Want to improve your speaking skills?

Powerful experiential speaker training workshop covering topics such as

  • The art and practice of developing stories
  • How to connect with your audience and hold their attention
  • How to overcome the fear of speaking in public
  • Developing your style of communication
  • Crafting your content for the most effective presentation

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Leadership Game – Communication Edition

Collaboration and communication are two of the greatest competitive advantages in the marketplace today.

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In the Communication Edition of the Leadership Game players will learn how to connect on a new level to increase their productivity and profitability.

Maxwell Speakers Club

We will watch and extract lessons from John Maxwell’s live presentations and speeches each week. As your facilitators, we will guide you through practical exercises to help you master your communication. 
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The Maxwell Method Communication Impact Report and workshop

We are each wired with a unique style of communicating and collaborating with others. The Communication Impact Report will help you discover your style of communication and ways to maximise it. In the corresponding workshop, we will dig into the results of your report and discuss ways to leverage your communication style to improve your ability to connect and add value to others.

  • Easily recognise the four primary communication styles
  • Relate to others in a way that speaks to their communication style
  • Implement effective communication strategies to minimise conflicts, improve morale and build cohesion
  • Create a roadmap for effective communication for each of your team members or colleagues

Training sessions are available in English, French, German and Chinese.

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