How to come to an agreement in a team?

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How to come to an agreement as a team?

  1. Invitation for a discussion on a problem

    Ask each person to come prepared with the 2 items:
    1. A list of 3 main problems in that situation/context
    2. A list of 3 solutions

  2. Each person shares their view of the situation.

    Each person is given 1 or 2 minutes to explain their point of view. They are not to be interrupted. The chairperson writes down keywords on a board. The goal at this stage is not to agree.

  3. Each person shares 1-3 solutions to the situation.

    The same type of round is performed; this time, solutions are given without details and written on the board. If the same one comes again, it will be marked with the number of occurrences. The chairperson announces a vote will be taken, so each person has to note which 3-5 solutions they will vote for.

  4. The chairperson leads a vote to decide which 3-5 solutions are the most powerful.

    This is the first stage at which a vote is taken and a more detailed discussion starts.

  5. The participants are allocated to work on each priority solution

    The meeting is adjourned with the agreement of a follow-up meeting to discuss these solutions. The solutions will be communicated before the meeting so everyone can prepare themselves with questions and suggestions.

  6. The next meeting will be the presentation of each solution by each team

    As the participants are prepared, the discussion will be very focused, and all participants will fine-tune the solution.

  7. To support the team dialogue, additional training can be taken

    An example of training can be found in Communication training

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