DISC Behavioural and Communication Styles

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What are the benefit of discovering your personality style?

  • Tap into your greatest motivations
  • Dramatically improve your relationships
  • Accelerate your results
  • Understand your personality
  • Get along with anyone
  • Achieve greater success

The DISC Personality Style Assessment and Profile will help you achieve greater success when you learn to value your strengths as well as those of others.

Which style do you think you are? What 4 major styles of D/I/S/C:

D personality style

I personality style

S personality style

C personality style

Our offering

We offer the following assessment and debriefs:

All available as a report only or with debrief
Reports are available in 33 languages (except Team Executive Impact Report, only in English)

To discuss the possibility of introducing this tool in your organisation, you can contact us with the below form:

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