Do you think your employees are lying to you? You may be right!

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Sometimes, you may feel your employees and team members are not giving their best, hiding facts, and even lying to you. You are right! Research shows that 85% of people don’t like their job, and 75% lie and cut corners. Why?

Here are some of the reasons why they might be lying to you

1. They don’t feel well supported and developed by their manager

2. The ethics of the manager/team leader are opposite to theirs

3. They are not in the right position/job

4. The employees are not allowed to fail and, therefore, learn from failures

5. Their ideas are not taken into consideration

6. They feel used by the company

7. They don’t feel that they can contribute

8. They don’t trust their manager/team leader

9. They feel the manager/team leader is not listening to them

10. They are not aligned with the culture of your company  

Consequently, they “play safe” and do the minimum, avoiding risks and only sharing information they consider safe, hence lying or withholding important information. The solution is, therefore, that the leader creates the right environment and supports the team to bring their best. But how do I do that?

Here are some areas you can work on

  • Communication: You need to communicate openly, honestly and with respect. This is often a challenge in the day of technology and the need to communicate quickly. Team members, especially the younger ones, are not looking for sophisticated and polished communication but authentic communication aligned with your values and ethics.
  • Empowerment: When you know what each of your team members is good at, give me the task (delegation), the authority, and the resources to take charge of that area. They will bring their ideas and passion to the task and feel much more motivated.
  • Ethics: Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The same applies to your team. Ethics, authenticity, motivation, attitude, and growth significantly impact each team member.
  • Vision: Do you know why you are doing your job? Not only the what but also the how is extremely important. Your ability to explain it and show each team member how they contribute to the team’s mission and the organisation will make a material difference.
  • Passion: Are you passionate about what you do? Only with passion can we achieve excellence, high quality, and innovation. Only if you are passionate can you help your team members find passion in their jobs.

These leadership skills can help a good leader become a great leader.

Whether you want to grow personally and professionally, improve your speaking, coaching, or sales skills, or connect with other like-minded leaders, you have come to the right place.

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