Change Needed?

Is the culture within your company able to keep it competitive for the future?
Be the one to initiate these needed changes, at all level of the company, and make it “great again”.
We are looking forward to partnering with you in this transformational journey.

Company culture

You know that the actual corporate culture is often quite different than the one advertised. With our tools, we can help you getting a clear picture what the real company culture is.

Boardroom interaction

The boardroom dialogue, collaboration and communication is key for the company. We can observe and analyse it as well as support changes to optimise the boardroom interactions.

Talent development

Is the company attractive for new talents? When they join, do they find their place and stay? We can support you in creating an attractive and conducive environment for talents.

Team collaboration

Are each team member empowered? Is the communication within each team effective, open and trusted? Our tools enables us to review a team and make recommendations to the manager and HR.

Executive coaching

Often Executive try to play a role that is not matching their personality, their strengths, and this leads to tension and even burn-out. With our executive coaching, each manager and director will be able to find it real personal style and place.


Leadership is the key to the success of a company. By having the right people at the right place, and an effective leadership system, the company will be attractive for talents, trusted, efficient, and even fun.

Some of the members of our team

15+ years experience in HR Management in large corporations
Post Graduate Degree in HRM
Ingrid Van Droogenbroeck
30+ years experience in business and senior management Extensive experience in executive coaching
Andy Hall
United Kingdom
25+ years experience in senior management, executive board and sales/marketing
Master of Business Administration
Joël Vuadens-Chan, CEO and founder of Swiss Leaders Group
Joël Vuadens-Chan

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