your closing rate

Success with every customers/prospects, while developing long-term, trusted relationships is the goal of every sales manager.

every client

Are you able to understand, engage and win with every client, regardless of their personality and background?

every team member

Is every team member finding his/her place within the team and contributing with his/her unique skills and background?


Are your clients crystal clear, at every interactions, about the value that you can bring specifically to them?

Featured services

Selling as a doctor

Our exclusive method teaches your sales force through interactive workshop pain identification, value proposition building and high ticket sales, as well as overcoming objections.

selling to every type of personality

How do get the same results with any type of personality? By understanding how different personality ticks, you can adjust your conversation to have success with each of them.

Sales and communication coaching

Get the support to develop your team, your sales strategy and/or your next sales presentation.

some of our team members

30+ years experience in sales and senior management
Author of "Sell As a Doctor" method
Management Director and Regional Sales Director with a US Fortune 500
Leadership trainer and executive coach 

Andrew Soong

Joël Vuadens-Chan, CEO and founder of Swiss Leaders Group

25+ years experience in sales, account management and customer services
Sales director and executive board member
Sales support executive with HP for a Fortune 50 customer Leadership trainer and executive coach

Joël Vuadens-Chan

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