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If you place your business expansion in your wrong hands, the following can happen:

  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of trust
  • Finance losses
  • Loss of motivation in your teams
  • Challenges to get back in that market
  • Compliance issues

“Too often, trust in international business is low. […] Business people around the world worry about working with foreign companies and  foreign people … because they don’t trust them. […] Low trust slows everything down and makes relationships more difficult and business clunkier and more expensive.”

Five Top Tips on Creating Trust in International Business, Dearin & Associates

“Most companies, however, do an inadequate job of managing their reputations in general and the risks to their reputations in particular. They tend to focus their energies on handling the threats to their reputations that have already surfaced. This is not risk management; it is crisis management—a reactive approach whose purpose is to limit the damage.”

Reputation and Its Risks by Robert G. Eccles, Scott C. Newquist and Roland Schatzm – HBR February 2007

Business Development on 4 continents

How do you choose your partners around the globe? Do you look at a list? How do you know that they are trustable?

We met you and contract with you in your home country. This means you have a single partner you trust, meet regularly, and hold locally accountable.
Our partners on 4 continents have been carefully selected and are fully aligned with our values, ethics and business experience.
If you trust us locally, you can trust our partners! If you like us, will you also like our partners?
All our partners are local people and experts at leadership and communication. They can support you in navigating the local culture, its people and situations and be your advisor for people-related questions.

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With local partners in 5 countries on 4 continents able to consult in English, French, and German, we can support your organization worldwide.


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