International Expansion Method

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Our method can capitalise on the strength of the head office and contextualise them in a new market. It works as follows:

The key players in the method are:

  • The company head office or regional head office – represented at the CxO level, including international sales director, head of Human Resources, Head of Finance
  • The partner of Swiss Leaders Group in the country of the company
  • The director of Swiss Leaders Group in the target country with the expansion will take place
  • The local partner of Swiss Leaders Group will select external specialists in the target country and keep them under their coordination.

The different steps to implement an international expansion are:

  1. Plan design and validation

    At the head office or regional head office, an international expansion plan is designed in common, covering timeline, market goals, staffing plan and legal aspects.
    This plan is validated by the regional partner of Swiss Leaders in the target country and finally agreed upon by all parties.

  2. Culture assessment

    Swiss Leaders Group assesses the culture of the company at the head office. This goes beyond the company’s documented values, mission and vision and represents the company’s practical work and the most important values. This ensures that the new market team will fit the company culture.

  3. Establishing the local entity

    Swiss Leaders Group will coordinate with a partner to establish the legal entity locally and provide suitable domiciliation.

  4. Due diligence, market research, registration of products and patents

    Swiss Leaders Group will coordinate due diligence, market research, company product registration, patents and authorisations.

  5. Job descriptions

    Job descriptions are drafted, validated in the target country, and finally agreed upon, as well as a hiring budget.

  6. Hiring

    Swiss Leaders Group will search for appropriate resources and conduct the first interviews. The short-listed candidates will be presented to the company HR, and the final interviews will be organised.

  7. Setup of local support operations

    Swiss Leaders Group will set up the company’s finance, HR and legal operations in the target country.

  8. Training manual

    The company and Swiss Leaders Group will work in common to prepare and translate guidelines and operations manuals for onboarding the new employee, fulfilling the operations principles and the company culture.

  9. Validation of results and go-ahead

    All partners are reviewing the objectives of the initial implementation and giving the go-ahead. Areas for further improvements are defined and taken care of using an agile method.

  10. Operational excellence

    The partners are fulfilling their role, the company in their core area, and Swiss Leaders Group as a supporting single-source partner for non-core operations.

Disclaimer: For some of the markets, Swiss Leaders Group will rely on external partners. However, Swiss Leader Group will carefully select the partners and ensure that the said partner represents our values and company culture fully.

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