Boardroom simulation

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Would you like to experience a boardroom discussion?
Would like to represent a role in a company and find alliances and common ground with other leaders?

Our boardroom simulation using the Leadership Game – Corporate Edition
with a fictitious company will enable you to put yourself in the shoes of a company senior executive on work, together with your colleagues, on leaership and stratetical solutions.

This workshop can be used for:

  • University
  • Business school
  • Apprentices
  • Young talents

This is what the students at Regent’s University have to say:

  • “I started to learn more about corporate relationships and office politics.”
  • “I got an insight into how a real board meeting could look like, and the various opinions sometimes lead to clashes or contradictions which have to be discussed to take a business forward.”
  • “It was a very useful and interesting experience. Very out of our own comfort zones, therefore it gave us an intake into what would happen during an interview or assessment day.”
  • “It was very well organised, meaning that people had to say something depending on our turn; we did not feel forced to speak, as we had our chance.”
  • “The feeling about how meeting work and how it is to sit at a table with colleagues.”
  • “Really enjoyed today’s game”
  • “I learned how a big multinational company operates in real life and how the leadership process can be biased (look at the winner!).”
  • “This game introduced me to the concept of pulling certain strings to get what you want. In other words, making actions without actually being a trigger myself.”
  • “I enjoyed putting myself into the role of someone who has issues at their workplace.”
  • “It was very informative and opened my eyes to what others can contribute to a meeting when given a chance. I’ve also learnt something new about alignments and leadership.”
  • “Enjoyable and informative. Good vibe, funny, lots of laughing.”
  • “I really enjoyed the experience. It was so fun to debate with colleagues who had different opinions.”
  • “The experience was very good because it increases my practical knowledge on how to deal with real-life organisation problems and also gave me practical insight on how to deal with organisational problems.”
  • “I really enjoyed this activity, and I think that is always good to have an experience like this because it helps us to use our theory skills in a particular situation. Very nice activity!!!”


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