Leadership Game – Sales Edition

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Using principles from a variety of John Maxwell’s books, this game will challenge players to think more strategically about selling.

You will find that there is no limit to who can come around the table to play this game, as it has selling tips, negotiating and closing for everyone. It’s perfect for any sales, executive, management, leadership or network marketing professional.

It includes a face-to-face one-hour session to discuss the leadership situation of your team, a two-hour Leadership Game session, and a debrief session where we share a report on our findings and recommendation. It can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants in one session.


This two-hour fun, interactive and practical game as a workshop uses powerful questions, discussions and sharing that will transform your team.

Consequently, it consists of the following:

  • A one-hour meeting to discuss the current situation of sales, clients service and networking
  • Two-hour Leadership Game session with your team (maximum 12 people)
  • Feedback from the team on the exercise
  • A one-hour meeting where we present our observations, feedback and suggestions


After attending the Leadership Game you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your team
  • Solutions coming from the team itself
  • External observations, feedback and suggestions


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