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My employees don’t do what I tell them to do. What should I do?

Involve them in the discussion. They often don’t understand why you are coming up with this plan or these actions, and they will reluctantly comply. The coaching techniques will enable you to have them come to the same conclusion as you would like them to reach.
Another point is that you need to build trust. Can you read more about on You think your employees are lying? You may be right!

Employees resist change

There are always early adopters and people resistant to change, but most people need trust and a realistic change management plan to support them. Here are a few questions for you:
– Are the reasons for my change clear and understandable?
– Do my employees trust me?
– Is the plan realistic, especially the timeline?
– Have I reached the correct stakeholder and discussed/reviewed the plan before I present it to the company

We have very too little innovation.

Maybe, because you are not creating the right environment. Only maybe!
Innovation environment needs:
– The right to fail – even encouraging to fail
– A feedback culture to learn from failures
– A culture of trust
– A culture of listening attitude – you are not the specialist, they are, and that’s what you hired them for!

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