reduce the people riskS For m&A

Do you have a clear assessment of the company culture and people risk of your M&A transaction?

"One of the most overlooked and underestimated risks is human risk. Human risks pose an immediate threat to the viability of a merger."
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Company culture

What is the real company culture of the company you are planning to merge with or to acquire? Not what it says on official statements, but how is it lived in practice?
We will also found out and show you what possible conflicts there could be with the acquiring company, the potential consequences and proposed mitigations.

performance of team

How well do the teamwork? Are talents supported?
Are communications open, are people allowed to make mistakes and learn from them? Are leaders trusted?
You might also appreciate knowing whether there is a risk of burn-out, mobbing and conflicts that hinder the performance of the teams.

talent management

Is the company attractive to talents? Are the people that need to bring the company to the next level interested not only join, but stay in the company?

Here is our process

Get to know your company

First, we have a look at your company. It helps us understanding whether the acquired company will be a suitable fit for your company culture.

Team discovery sessions

Using interactive tools, our experienced coaches will observe discussions, debates and suggestions to draw a picture of the team.

Individual discovery sessions

Our coaches will also meet key leaders and talents and discover with them the situation of leadership and communication in their area.

Headmap to show risks

We will graphically show you how each area is performing and where are the most significant risks are.

Balanced scorecard

Using your M&A criterias on company culture, people and communication, we will provide balanced scorecard data to complete the due diligence.

Roadmap for improvements

Would you like to proceed with the M&A? Our recommendation will provide you with a precise roadmap of priority actions that can be taken to optimise the value of the merge/acquisition.

minimise the risk of your m&a

We would love to discuss with you how we can support your M&A

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