M&A and Investment Due Diligence

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Value Propositions

  • Estimated financial cost of leadership and teams risks
  • Assessment of the risks and opportunities with leaders and team?
  • Rating of the M&A company culture risk
  • Highlighted and reduced potential risks of the merger on teams and leadership
  • Maximised productivity, innovation and talent attraction from Day 1 of the M&A/Investment

Questions for M&A and Investments

  • What does the M&A/Investment bring as opportunities for the leadership and teams of both companies?
  • What is going to happen with the team and leaders from day 1 of M&A/Investment?
  • How can we minimise team and leadership risks?
  • Do you have an M&A/Investment leadership mitigation plan
  • What are the leadership risks in case of M&A/Investment?
  • Are the two company cultures compatible?

Methods, tools and processes

Using a variety of formal and informal individual and team assessments, we will produce heatmaps and scorecards (per department and the company as a whole) to highlight where the risks and opportunities reside.

These deliverables will be presented and discussed so that your M&A team can quantify the financial risks and opportunities of the leadership, team and company cultures aspect of the M&A.

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