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Our online services

Swiss Leaders Academy provides you with online courses

Online services in the form of Instant Coaching and assessment are equally available.

Global team

Using his teachings and principles, developed and proven over 40 years, we can deliver world-class content to support your organisation worldwide with various workshops, assessments, courses and keynotes in several languages.

Transformational journey

We will first review the current situation of your organisation, the goals as well as the current challenges. This will allow us to tailor our engagement to achieve the best results.
A transformational journey is desirable to see solid results and yield long-term business results. We can design with you a long-term roadmap for such transformation, regularly reviewing with feedback and fine-tuning to achieve long-term results.

We can offer the following topics to you

Available in English, French, and German.


I want to talk to you about a goal or issue that I would like to address in my company:

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