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How can I increase my closing rates?

Here are a few things you can do to increase your closing rates:
A clearer and stronger value proposition focused on the client
– Do you really understand what the client needs? Focusing on their needs is making a difference
– Overcoming their issues in a strategic way
These are some of the topics we are adressing on our sales course.

What clients are going  to the competition. What should I do?

– Understand why the client went to the competition and perform a SWOT analysis
– Work out an updated competitive strategy and find ways to respond to the competition
– Spend time understanding the client and their needs
– Develop a trusting relationship
At equal product, a client will prefer buying from people they know and trust. Of course, if your product is more expensive and provide a weaker value proposition (not features), you need to work on it.
Sometimes, you loose and we have to accept that. In this case, call them after 6 months and ask them how it is going. If you have a good relationship with them, you will learn a lot from the discussion that will follow and I am sure they will as well.

How to have a winning proposal?

A winning proposal doesn’t come from:
– The number of pages (oh no!)
– The detailed description of your features
It comes from…
the value proposition.
This is how you describe the benefits your product will bring in their situation.
The second item is trust: your product and company sure have weaknesses, but if they believe you can deliver on your promises and you will be there for them, you have another winning point.
Do you need to learn some of these points? We have a webinar course to support you.
You will also enjoy the “How to write a winning proposal” page.

How to make a powerful sales presentation?

The client has received your presentation. They have read all these pages and pages of proposals. The last thing they need is you to come and repeat the information they have in front of them.
They need you to:
– highlight shortly the value proposition (what value your solution bring to your business)
– answer their questions
Do you know everything about the background of their request (RFI, RFP)? Are you really sure you are nailing down their real issues? By listening to their question, and asking clarification questions if necessary, you can have a real discussion with them that will help you closing better (see the question on closing above).
You might also find the resource on public speaking and the “How to prepare a great presentation” useful.

My sales methods works very well with some people and not at all with others

Everybody is different, however there are predictive differences. By learning to recognise and respond to different personality styles (see DISC Personality Styles), you can adjust your sales approach the person you are selling to.

My clients often ask for discounts? Should I give discounts?

The discount requests usually come from the fact that the client or prospect doesn’t fully trust the value proposition of your product or service or that the needs are not great enough or right understood. Only by discussing the “pain points” and by supporting them in the identification of the value they will get from your product or services, will their appreciate the value and the price. See Sell Like A Doctor for more details.

Do you have other questions?
We would love to know the way we can support you. Ask your questions in the comments below.

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