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Have you ever ask for a discount when presented with the bill after consulting a doctor? You pay the bill regardless of the amount. Ever wondered why? Come and learn how to sell like a ‘Doctor’ and do away with the need of having to give discounts to your customers all the time!!

In a highly competitive market, salespeople are always faced with customers asking for discounts even when the best prices have been provided. The salesperson, not having fully understood the needs (pain points) of the customer, ends up having to give discounts all the time to secure the order. This course will impart the necessary skills and techniques the salesperson can use to look for the explicit needs (pain points) of the customer and to offer relevant solutions (pain relief) to minimize having to give discounts all the time to secure orders. 

This will benefit the organization as sales will be transacted at higher prices and profit margins. Course Objectives At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

Understand the concept of being a ‘Sales Doctor’.
– Understand the different types of customers and why they buy
– Understand the components that constitute a pain
– Apply the questioning and listening techniques to fully understand the needs (pain points) of the customer
– Customize presentations to show the relevance of the solutions (pain relief) to fully meet the needs (pain points) of the customer
– Apply handling objections and closing techniques to secure the order at the desired prices. 
Course Outline:
1. What it means to ‘sell like a doctor’.
2. Different types of customers and what motivates them to buy.
3. Elements that constitute pain – when will be the time to see a doctor?
4. Identify the pain points like a Doctor.
5. Improve questioning skills to probe for needs (pain points).
6. Formulate different types of needs analysis questions.
7. Improve listening skills – the difference between hearing and listening.
8. Offer solutions (pain relief) that have ‘relevance’ to the customers to meet their needs (pain points) – minimize the need to offer discounts.
9. Use the ‘FLIP’ method to handle and overcome objections.
10. Effective closing techniques to secure orders at the desired prices.
11. Techniques to maintain long-term customers.

Training Methodology: 
A highly interactive adult-focused program with plenty of real-life scenario discussions, sharing, role-plays, games, quizzes and questions/constructive feedback sessions. 

For Whom: 
– A must for all newly-appointed salespeople who wish to succeed in a highly competitive Business to Business sales environment.
– Existing salespeople who wish to upgrade themselves to improve their sales performance for the company.
– Salespeople who wish to transform themselves from ordinary performers to Business to Business sales professionals.

“An excellent and concise training. Enough real examples to make it relevant. Very dynamic teaching style that kept the training interesting and the participants focused”.
– Sales and Application Specialist – Leica Microsystems Singapore

“Very interactive, very good communicator thus very effective in teaching.
One of the best training seminars and trainer I had in my whole experience in this sales industry.”
– Product Manager – MRL Cybertec Philippines

“Andrew’s training refreshes the selling techniques and ideas. Good guidance for new and seasoned sales personnel as it helped to weed out old habits and bring out sales techniques that may have been forgotten.”
– Sales Manager – Plant & Mill Singapore

“A very well conducted training. Lively and engaging. Team participation and engagement methods were very effective.”
– Managing Director – Leica Instruments Singapore

“I liked Andrew’s training style. He makes things very interesting to the audience. With a lot of questions asked by him and role plays, we become involved a lot in the classroom activities. Good experience for me. I enjoyed it very much.”
– Country Manager – Hach Company Vietnam CBS Master Trainer  

Andrew Soong has trained employees ranging from all levels of the organization, such as Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of Departments, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Executives, and Support staff in programs such as Value Added Selling, Problem Solving, Business to Business Selling, Sales Negotiation, Presentation Skills and many others. As a trainer, he is a very dynamic, vibrant, entertaining and engaging speaker. With more than 30 years of business-to-business sales experience, he brings a wealth of experience in the field of selling and negotiating skills.

Andrew held various sales and senior management positions, beginning his sales career as a Sales Executive with a UK-based manufacturing company and to a Managing Director and Regional Sales Director with a few US Multinational companies in the Petroleum, Marking and Coding and Medical industries.

His ability to link concepts, examples & experiences to actual workplace situations and ROI Measurements has helped his participants feel inspired to practice the skills learnt. His systematic thinking, communication clarity and training delivery have resulted in favourable feedback and positive comments from his participants.

He has trained international participants from countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, India and Australia – from Management teams in Top Multinational Companies such as Fluke Corporation, Tektronix Southeast Asia, Hach Company, Leica Microsystems (SEA), AB Sciex, Gilbarco Veeder-Root Asia, among many others. His specialities include Value Added Selling, Monetization of Benefits, Effective Sales Preparation, Effective Presentation Skills, Consultative Selling & Sales Negotiation.

Andrew believes in the principle of giving only the best of oneself. In his training, he ensures that the best training is being delivered in a very distinct and creative way. Thus, he trains people to become the leader of leaders with the techniques and methods that will help them grow and improve in every way. Andrew always aims to share the best knowledge he possesses with everyone without fail to radically mould people that will bring success and high productivity in the industry.

Among the many companies he has provided training for, some of them are:
Fluke Corporation – Singapore, Korea & Vietnam
Tektronix Southeast Asia – Singapore & Korea
Hach Company – Singapore, Vietnam & Taiwan
Leica Microsystems (SEA) – Singapore
Leica Biosystems (SEA) – Singapore
Kavo Dental Asia Pacific – Singapore
AB Sciex – Singapore
Gilbarco Veeder-Root Asia – Singapore, China, India and Thailand
Keithley – Korea
Raytec – Singapore & India
Portescap – Singapore & Korea
ELE International – Singapore
Thomson Linear – Singapore, Korea & India
Kollmorgen – India

Andrew has been conducting training for more than 10 years. A mechanical engineer by training, he has more than 30 years of sales experience. He has a Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK) and a Diploma in Sales & Marketing (Marketing Institute of Singapore). He is a certified Black Belt trainer in Value Added Selling, a certified Brian Tracy trainer, and a certified NLP practitioner.

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