The number one differentiator of effective leaders

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Great leaders are able to balance task-focus (getting things done) with people-focus (inspiring, developing, and empowering others). Highly task-focused leaders tend to have tunnel vision in their drive for results, rather than applying a broader lens that recognises the need to engage people.

The number one of effective leaders

In research Global Talent Trend 2019 conducted by Linkedin, they identified that the number one differentiator of effective leaders is strong people and that six out of ten of their biggest strengths related to people skills such as effective listening, developing others, and empowering their team members.

High task-focus and low people-focus

Most leaders had an underlying fear that “If I let go of control and empower others, they’ll mess things up and I’ll look bad.” It was a belief that “If I don’t work this intensely, I won’t be successful.” These limiting mindsets kept these leaders in a “doom loop” of high task-focus and low people-focus, where they doubled-down on what they did best — getting things done.


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