Ebony Fagbuyi

Ebony Fagbuyi is a Xennial (micro-generation between Gen X and Millennials). Her asset is the Gen X drive for personal growth and the Millennial optimism to getting things done. She understands both worlds and is therefore highly successful with diverse age groups and close to the next generation of leaders. Her focus is on understanding the individual to help develop their awareness for self-efficacy. Nominated for the 2017 John Maxwell culture award in the category “Lead and Lift others”, Ebony is a natural in effective communication, developing conducive environments (culture) as well as empowering others. As a native German speaker, she is also fluent in English.

Among women networks, company events and church gatherings, she serves as motivational speaker and teacher.

Since 2004 she has served thousands of individuals internationally in single and group settings, from start up to global enterprise as well as from staff member to CEO.  Some of the industries are: pharmacy, real estate, ecommerce, furniture, service provider, consumer electronics, fashion, beauty & cosmetics, chemicals, church, oil & gas.

Ebony’s practical learning style and sense for atmospheres has allowed her to successfully build several departments from scratch and to be hands-on in diverse projects. Yet, her main signature is to transform individual successes into special significance. She holds a degree in Management, is certified as Personal & Business Coach, Trainer, Behavioral Profiler and John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer & Coach.

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