Nicola Balestrini

Nicola Balestrini is a certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team. Additionally, he obtained an Advanced Diploma in Ministry from Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. He trained in Basic Human Factors with Swiss Aviation Training. Nicola spent 19 years designing and delivering team building in organisations. He speaks French, English and Italian. For 7 years, he was Ramp Supervisor at Geneva Airport, leading a team of 30, taking important operational decisions and planning responsibility for 70 people. For 12 years, he worked for several NGOs, organising trips for the team and travelling himself 9 times for mission field in Kosovo, Albania, Cambodia, Argentina and Nicaragua. For 6 years, he was a promoter, booking agent and tour manager for various Swiss and international rock bands.

Nicola is a person that has leadership in his veins. Whatever he does, people are attracted to come under his leadership, and his professional experience not only emphasises that fact but also shows at nearly every job and training position his leadership skills being recognised by receiving promotions.

Nicola describes his learning at Hillsong College Australia as follows:
“I customised and delivered team-building training for adults, a class of 12 people, most of them volunteers and coming from many countries. Being a student in this college gave me an incredible opportunity to be trained with the most effective technic when it comes to team building in a real context and experiences the three necessary steps in this entire process:
• 1st year how to become an excellent team member (you are part of a team)
• 2nd-year practical steps to become an effective leader (you lead a team in different settings, projects, conferences, events etc.)
• 3rd-year practical steps to overseas leaders (you overseas leaders to make sure they reach their goals as well as help them in their personal growth)
I also participated 2 semesters in an incredible public speaking and platform ministry class where I could practice and improve my skills.
During my third year, I had the opportunity to build a brand-new project targeting parents. I had to build a team of 15 people, train 3 leaders, and oversee the project while reporting to the Campus leader. As a leader of change, I discovered that I could apply constant and consistent pressure until the tipping point was reached and inertia became action. The part I enjoyed was that I could give the team and the leaders a passionate sense of purpose, a compelling vision of the future, and constant reinforcement that the effort will be worthwhile.”

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