Strategic performance for your Executive Team

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Now is the time to create great synergy in your Executive Team!
A leadership team differs from others because it makes decisions and takes actions that significantly impact organisations.

The performance of a management team is measured by the degree to which it succeeds in addressing the following six key organisational issues:

* Productivity,
* Vision and strategy,
* Talent development and retention,
* Internal cohesion and alignment,
* Interdependence with the external environment and adaptation to change.

The nature of the inter-professional relationship has changed, personal life collides with professional life, and the health crisis has imposed other orientations by shifting priorities in the organisation’s vision.

CEO Talks, a collaboration between Talentec Coaching and Swiss Leaders Group, offers you the “Leadership Game” designed to bring solutions to Executive Teams!

Align yourself with your goals, share your vision and project yourself into the strategy!

By playing this game, you will be able to evolve leadership awareness within the management team, introducing the inexhaustible principles of leadership that will bring positive change through communication and connection!

By joining us and playing the Leadership Game, you can pave the way for collective leadership and more:

* Co-construction of short-term solutions exchanged between participants,
* Alignment of the management team on practical solutions,
* Discovering the emerging potential of each team member,
* Playfully revitalising the management team.

Take advantage of this opportunity and make it an unforgettable experience by participating in this leadership table.

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