Solve 3 challenges to reach your real purpose

Solve 3 challenges to reach your real purpose - Course introduction

You have a dream? Good!
It seems impossible and you are not sure how it will happen? Excellent!
Welcome to our world. We would like to walk with you and guide you in:
– Discovering your real long-term goal
– Defining your short-term goal
– Discovering and confirming a value proposition that will sustain you through criticism and challenges
– Overcoming challenges
– Believing in yourself when (almost) nobody believes in you

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 hr

Course Instructor

Joël Vuadens-Chan Author

Swiss Leaders Group’s Founder & CEO + Faculty Member – 25 years of experience in banking, IT and insurance industries – MBA from the University of Cumbria – Education certificates from Harvard, University of California and Queensland – Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach Independent Executive Director and Member of The President’s Advisory Council of The John Maxwell Team

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What Others Have Said

Great Course
By: Simon Loosli

This course made me dream even more as i already dreamed before. Thank you!

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