Joël Vuadens-Chan

Swiss Leaders Group's Founder & CEO + Faculty Member - 25 years of experience in banking, IT and insurance industries - MBA from the University of Cumbria - Education certificates from Harvard, University of California and Queensland - Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach Independent Executive Director and Member of The President's Advisory Council of The John Maxwell Team

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Making the other person win, will make you win

How can you make the other person win?This is the question that I often ask during Executive Coaching sessions whenever a conflictual situation is being discussed. Usually, the answer goes like this “But I don’t want them to win, I want to win!”. That’s called a zero-sum win; for one person to win, the other …

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Strategic performance for your Executive Team

Now is the time to create a great synergy in your Executive Team! A leadership team differs from other types of teams in that it makes decisions and takes actions that have a significant impact on organisations. The performance of a management team is measured by the degree to which it succeeds in addressing the …

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What an EMBA has taught me

I thought that practical experience is more valuable than studies. I still believe that. However, at about 45 years old, I reached a plateau in my career. Dealing increasingly with financial, marketing, risk, and legal specialist, I wanted to have a better understanding of all these areas. At the same time, my thought led me to think what if I could a Director or General Manager. What about being even a CEO, leading a company, even my own. I took one of the best decisions in my life and joined an MBA program. This what it has taught me.

A 6 step team investment strategy for long-term profitability

Most companies have a quote such as “People are our most appreciable assets”. This sounds great, but it is really so in practice?
f money can work for you, do you have people working for you?
Are you doing it everything by yourself, or do you have people adding value to your goals?
Here is how you can get a team and/or network of people work for you to maximise your success?
What if you would have world-class leaders, not only empowered to make their own decisions, bringing their passion, ideas and innovation, but also able to raise leaders that are the same?
Wow, that would be a dream!
Actually, this can be a reality in your organisation.

5 benefits of investing in your people

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2019, the President of Costa Rica, shared that his country has “managed to protect its environment while also investing in its people”.
When I think about the challenges that we all face, countries and companies alike, I am not sure the environmental issues, as important as they are, make it to our top 3 list. when investing in people, your organisation will be able to experience more productivity by reducing conflict, generating more engagement, creating more imitative and innovation as well as attracting top talents.

5 people you need on your team to climb a high mountain

Next to Geneva in Switzerland, there are two mountains, the Salève and the Mont-Blanc.
The Salève is a cosy mountain. You can drive to the top of it by car. This is a usual walk for locals. As it is so close to the city that it almost gives the impression that you can touch it.However, it might be relatively boring; after a while it is not a challenge anymore.
On the other hand, the Mont-Blanc is further away, scary and pretty much impossible to climb without extensive training and the help of a guide. But just imagine the view up there. There are reasons why it is called “the roof of Europe”, as it is the highest mountain of the “old continent”.
Which mountain are you considering climbing? The easy one, where you know all the turns and the places or the scary, impossible one.This is an important question for your life, as what you will able to achieve depends on the mountain you are considering climbing, and of course, I don’t mean a mountain literally, I mean the goals of your life.