Brick Wall

How can I find a door in a brick wall?

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Sometimes, I feel that there is a wall in front of me and we can’t find the door. Have you ever tried again and again to opportunities and none are coming up?

“Sometimes our walls exist just to see who has the strength to knock them down.”  Darnell Lamont Walker

How to find a door in a brick wall?

So how can I find a door in a brick wall?

  1. Persistence

    If things would be easy, this would be well known and everybody would be doing it. Your passion for your topic will drive your perseverance and persistence. This is often what people around me notice and say things “Wow, you are really passionate about this” or “I really admire your persistence”. This is definitively building trust and proofing that it is not just a new passion that will fade away in a few months.

  2. Preparation

    The key is preparation. The thesis is that if and when a door opens if you are not ready, you will not be able to exploit it successfully. Actually, if it takes more time, the better you will be prepared.
    The first step in the preparation is too think, not only what your goal is, but also what you require to reach out. Draw your learning journey. Don’t just think in terms of competences and hard-skills but also the soft-skill (human skills) that you require (such as communication, leadership, public speaking, conflict management, sales).

  3. Constant learning and growing

    The next step for the preparation is the tools that you can acquire to prepare yourself.
    These can take the form of mentoring, courses, coaching.
    I personally really enjoy online learning such as Coursera, edX, Skillshare. You can also take webinars from my organisation, Swiss Leaders Group.

  4. Be flexible

    The goal is important, how this will happen is not always so clear and the journey might be. The way is usually not (probably never) as direct and smooth as we imagine, so there might be steps that bring us closer to your goal, but not always in the straight line.
    When evaluating a step, consider whether it brings you closer to your goals and whether it helps to build trust that others might be towards you.

  5. Be ready to jump

    When eventually a door open up, just jump. After waiting long, you might find weird to suddenly have an opportunity. Leave your emotions aside and go ahead. You have been preparing long enough, you are able to do it!

Your potential

I am very excited about your potential and what you will achieve.

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