Leadership Game with Sarawak Convention Bureau in Kuching, Malaysia

Leadership discussions can be fun and serious at the same time

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On several occasions, I had the privilege to moderate the Leadership Game. Hang on a minute, a leadership game? Leadership is a serious matter, you know!

Exactly, I thought the same.

The experience I had moderating the game truly touched me.

Emotional experience

I saw people telling colleagues what their strengths are, complementing each other, debating about ways to be authentic at the workplace and this was emotional for many of them.

It worked so well because it is combining a game, with a winner and a lot of fun, and deep discussion and questions.


Here is what the participants at the Sarawak Convention Bureau have shared with me:

“The Leadership game was really amazing. Thank you so much for training us”. Amelia, Roziman, COO

“The Leadership game is enjoyable; it will help your organisation discover its sweet spots, the issue and help one another ‘bear their soul’. It was a very valuable session. I think every organisation should go through this game, at least once” Dylan Redas Noel,  Head of Industry Development

“I thought the training with Joël was very enriching and interesting. His method of teaching was very easy to understand, especially with the game element that really brought interactive opportunities between team members and for us to explore some issue such as integrity, communication and credibility and also what it takes to be a good leader. The best part of the training I thought was it encourages a lot of discussions, especially the game part, so thank you very much. I think it would be a very good thing to have this training for your company” Jamie Wang, Head of Bids and Communications

Most touching question

The question that touched me and the participants the most was “write on a post-it the strength of each participant and give it to her/him”. What follows was amazing! Each spent minutes thinking what amazes them with their colleagues. Receiving these was equally touching, as one participant was sharing how she always dreamed to be strong at a particular skill but never thought she actually was. What touched her deeply was that more than 40% of the post-its she received were about that particular strength and fact that… she already has it.

Seeing teams getting their head together thinking about how to improve their organisation is always touching for me.

Would you like to see these magic moments happening in your team?

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